Safety Doors & Screens

Safety Doors & Screens

Safety Doors & Screens

All doors and screens are made from Alspec security material, which are made from tempered aluminium for greater strength and high quality grilles which can also be fitted with extra feature of a 3 point safety lock.

With a variety of options to choose from including doors with grilles, Fly doors with pet mesh and doors with ALU-GARD.

Contact us today to discuss which option is best for you.

Exceptional value

While these are high quality products that are built to last, customers are pleasantly surprised by the affordable price tag.

It is our aim to make quality products affordable for the average family in the Bunbury, Harvey and surrounding areas.

ALU-GARD Aluminium Safe Screens

The All-Aluminium safe screening solution for Australian conditions. ALU-GARD is a perforated aluminium sheet retained in an extruded aluminium frame.

ALU-GARD not only provides security, clarity of vision and strength, it is also corrosion resistant and looks great.